30 March 2007

To be continued...

Now that I have been born, my Dad is going to keep a single, combined blog to allow friends and family to keep up-to-date with Oliver & me. Click on this link to go there now...

01 March 2007

I know when my birthday will be...

My Mum & Dad went to the hospital today to see the consultant. I've been measured as being a big baby (over the 90% percentile).

Mum has been booked in for a Caesarean Section on 30 March 2007. I guess that's going to be my birthday!!

02 February 2007

Some More Photos

My Mum & Dad went back to MUMS again today to see if they could get some photos of me. I tried hiding, but it was no use I had to have my picture taken eventually (click to enlarge the pictures).

26 January 2007

General Well-Being & Growth Scan

My Mum & Dad went to MUMS again today for a General Well-Being scan. All of my measurements were within the normal ranges but I didn't want my photo taken today (I kept hiding my face behind my hands and umbilical cord). Mum & Dad will have to go back next week to get some photos taken!

23 November 2006

20 Week Check Up

My Mum & Dad went to the hospital today for my 20 week check up. Everything was fine.

15 November 2006

I'm a boy!

My Mum & Dad went to Midland Ultrasound again today for a wellbeing scan. Everything was OK and they found out that I'm a boy!

Here's some pictures....

12 October 2006

My First NHS Scan

27 September 2006

My Nuchal Scan

My Mum and Dad went to Midland Ultrasound today for a Nuchal Scan. Here are my first pictures! My Mum is still being sick nearly every day!

02 September 2006

My Heartbeat

My Mum and Dad heard my heart beat using their doppler today.

16 August 2006

I'm Alive!!

My Mum discovered she was pregnant 2 weeks ago. A week ago she started feeling sick and this has steadily got worse. This morning she went to the doctors and because of her previous history with a partial molar pregnancy together with the sickness and pain, she was sent to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit at Birmingham Women's Hospital for a scan.

The scan revealed that everything is fine at this stage. My Mum and Dad clearly saw the yolk sack and a beating heart in the foetus. The foetus was measured at 5.4mm which equates to 6 weeks and 2 days old. The hospital gave my Mum some tablets to stop her feeling sick - they really knock her out!